Ello ello!


I know, I know. Another beauty blog? Don’t we have a thousand too many of these?

Wrong, my dear reader.

For starters, every person who wishes to share their knowledge is awesome. We’ve all been guilty of being confused about new trends. A cut crease? Is that a type of sandwich? And low and behold, there’s a tutorial for that and soon I too can cut glass with my killer cut crease.

I hope to bring a new perspective to the beauty world, a no fuss, no BS approach to the ins and outs of all things beauty. I’ll advise you against my mistakes, like that time I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a foundation that had the consistency of lead paint (however there’s nothing wrong with a “treat yo self” moment and splurging on that full coverage foundation you can’t stop thinking about) and other fail stories. I’ll also give you some dupes from drugstore makeup brands so you can still afford to eat this week and have a highlight glowing to the gods.

So I hope you stick around and see how this all goes!

Catch you later

– Bec


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