Review: Time Balm Primer by theBalm


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. (I wish theBalm is my favourite.) 

You’ve heard it all before folks, not to prime is a crime! All the beauty gurus aren’t wrong, a good primer can make all the difference in creating that fabulous, flawless skin.

A current favourite of mine is Time Balm from theBalm cosmetics. The formula is silky under the fingertips and is so lightweight it melts into the skin so nicely.

This product will make you want to touch your face all over after discovering it’s satysfyingly smooth texture.

I’ve always found that a little goes a long way, only a small drop is needed to cover the entire face evenly.


Price wise this one is a little on the steep side, at $34.95 AUD, however, it lasts for months. I purchased mine in February from myQT and I’m still using this bottle. If you are from Australia you can also purchase Time Balm from David Jones or myQT and other countries such as the United States can find it directly from theBalm’s website.

What is your favourite primer? Let me know, I’m keen to test some new products out.

Catch you later



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